Eurocup. Valencia Basket vs Lietuvos Rytas14 april 2012

Valencia Basket has reached the Eurocup title game! Valencia became the first team to advance to the Eurocup final by downing Lietuvos Rytas — 80-70 (29-15, 13-17, 19-16, 19-22) in the first semifinal in Khimki, Russia on Saturday. Valencia kept the chance to become the first team to get a third Eurocup title after winning the competition in 2003 and 2010. Meanwhile, L. Rytas lost the chance to get to the Eurocup final for the third time in club history.

Best scorers: Newley (12 + 5 rebounds), Caner-Medley (12 + 5 rebounds), De Colo (10), Faverani (10), Claver(10) — Valencia; Babrauskas (21), Seibutis (15), Rice (9) — Lietuvos Rytas

Velimir Perasovic, Valencia Basket head coach:

— I think the game was tough as we knew beforehand that any game with Lietuvos Rytas would be. They play tough basketball with very aggressive defense, but I think we responded good, especially in the first quarter, when a lot of things worked for us. I think that the first quarter was the key to the game today. We had problems in the second and last quarters, but we had the advantage of people who could help us solve the problems.

Rafa Martinez, Valencia Basket player:

— It was a tough game but we came here to win. I think we started well and in the end, Victor's shots saved us when Rytas got too close. We won two Eurocups before and we are here to get the tird, of course.

Alexandar Dzikic, Lietuvos Rytas head coach:

— First of all, congratulations to the club of Valencia. They beat us playing the basketball that we knew they would play. Basically, they jumped on us in the first quarter, scored 29 points, shooting very good from three-point distance, shooting a lot of free throws. And after that, I am pretty satisfied with our defense. We kept them during the other three quarters below 20 points, 51 altogether. Somehow, every time when we managed to be inside two possessions, things happened and they bounced back. But that's what good teams do. I am proud of my players. I know a couple of them played through injuries. So tomorrow we'll try to play another game and try to leave Moscow as winners. For us, it's very important to play each game to win.

Renaldas Seibutis, Lietuvos Rytas player:

— It is difficult to talk after a loss like this. The breaking point was the first half, as they managed to lead by as many as 16 points. It was tough to come back against a good team like Valencia. We gave our heart out but it wasn't enough today. They scouted us very well and dominated the game from the very beginning. We finally found the way to score three-pointers late in the end but it wasn't enough.