In memory of the legendary Alexander Boloshev12 september 2012

On Thursday, September 13, 2012 in Khimki basketball center (Moscow region) the traditional, eight in a row, Alexander Boloshev Memorial Tournament with the participation of players 1997-1998 years of birth starts.

ALEXANDER ALEXANDROVICH BOLOSHEV (March 12, 1947 — July 16, 2010)

Alexander Boloshev was born in the Elektrogorsk city, Moscow Region. He was the Honored Master of Sports. Played for the teams Dynamo (Volgograd) in 1966-69 and Dynamo (Moscow) in 1969-80. Olympic Games winner (1972), World champion (1974), two-time European champion (1969, 1971), champion of the Universiade (1970), three-time winner of the USSR Sports and athletics meetings (1971, 1975, 1979).

Alexander Boloshev "was taken ill" with basketball in 1959 after he had read an article "The Boston Thresher" in the magazine "Sportivnye Igry". His first coach was a physical education teacher German Sokolov. Basketball section in the school was the most popular one. That's why young Sasha began to hit the ball off the court from morning till night — with kids, with coevals and older senior pupils.

In addition to the Olympic Games Alexander Boloshev won the World championship in 1974, became a silver medalist of World championship in 1978, a two-time European champion in 1969 and 1971. Together with Boloshev the backbone of the legendary Soviet National team formed Gennady Volnov, Sergey Belov, Alexander Belov, Ivan Edeshko, Mikheil Korkiya, Alzhan Zharmukhamedov and Zurab Sakandelidze.

Finishing his playing career, Alexander in 1980 was invited to the women's team Dynamo (Moscow). Two years later, he was recruited as a head coach. Later he worked for 14 years in the men's Dynamo as a team manager, until the collapse of the famous club.

In 1999 Boloshev returned to his home Moscow Region — to a newly formed Basketball Club Khimki, where he took a post of a Deputy General Manager. At once he became a significant figure in the Moscow Region team. His experience and authority in basketball world helped BC Khimki grow and prosper. Young players followed his example. The tournament in his honour, held in Khimki, became traditional one. 2010 tournament turned to be first one held without the very San Sanych...

Alexander Boloshev was awarded medals "For Labor Valor" and "For Service to the Fatherland of the third degree". In 2006 he received the gratitude from the Russian President Vladimir Putin "For the great contribution to the development of national basketball and high achievements in sports".

On July 16, 2010 after a prolonged illness Alexander Boloshev died. A Soviet basketball legend is buried in the Mashkin cemetery, Khimki. San Sanych will forever remain in our memory and hearts as a kind, responsive and sympathetic man, ready to help and support in any minute...

Viktor Bychkov, BC Khimki General Manager:

– San Sanych Boloshev was a truly good man. He also possessed a great sense of humor. His friends and colleagues loved him. He was already out of the outgoing type of people who always remained faithful to the idea, ideals, and the mother club. Young Boloshev appeared at the pitch in 1960-s with the letter "D" on his chest. And he ended his career, also in Dynamo. Then he went to work in BC Khimki – in the coaching staff and administrative positions.

The history of the tournament originates from 2005. It was then decided to organize the All-Russian competitions, that with time obtained an international status, and for the past services to Russian basketball it was named in honour of Alexander Boloshev.

It is naturally that the tournament, named in honour of Boloshev, is for those who are just in the beginning of their sports way, for boys born in 1997.

– This tournament is a good chance for young talents to show their worth. I sincerely wish all guys love the GAME. And then it certainly answers you the same, – used to say Alexander Boloshev.

PARTICIPANTS: BC Khimki Moscow Region, Spartak Lyubertsy, CSKA Moscow, Samara Region


September 13, 2012

14.00 msk CSKA — Spartak
16.00 msk BC Khimki — Samara

September 14, 2012

14.00 msk CSKA – Samara
16.00 msk BC Khimki — Spartak

September 15, 2012

10.00 msk Spartak — Samara
12.00 msk BC Khimki — CSKA
13.30 Closing ceremony

Admission is free.