Joffrey Lauvergne: Very happy to sign with BC Khimki25 june 2014

BC Khimki newcomer, European champion Joffrey Lauvergne has commented upon his signing of contract with our club. Joffrey hopes he will help our team to achieve its goals.

«I'm very excited to come to BC Khimki, — the Frenchman said. — The goals of the club are going to be my own goals but play for win something is a great feeling so I think we can honestly say we will play for win in European cup and also VTB United League».

«So of course it is a big step forward in my career», — added Lauvergne.

«I feel great to sign with BC Khimki. I'm very happy right now. I know more about BC Khimki because of European competition than for VTB United League but to be honest I remember well when the team won the Eurocup».

«I like Russia but some people don't because of cold weather. As for me I don't really care about this because I'm going to spend my days in the gym».