Loko lost to Khimki in Semifinals Game 4 27  may  2015

PBC Lokomotiv-Kuban
Semifinals Game 4, Lokomotiv Kuban looses to Khimki at home 67:76. Guests' 18-0 spurt in the second quarter allowed them to leave for the halftime being 22 points ahead. During the second half Loko managed to restructure its defence, but low percentage of three-pointers made didn't allow the team to get back to the game. Loko's best was Derrick Brown with 20 points.
Sergey Bazarevich, Lokomotiv Kuban head coach:

– This is playoff, Khimki have not lost a few games in a raw this season, though we haven't either. Our actions during the second half add to our positive ahead of the fifth game. We understand that it will be hard, but we have to be prepared for the difficulties. We were fighting during the second half, changed defence. If we were a bit luckier, we could've perhaps had a better end. During the first half Khimki were scoring with crazy percentage, and we were loosing almost all the fights, excluding the first five minutes. We entered the court in great mood, but then something went wrong. Khimki showed great defence, and we couldn't fastbreak, which was giving us massive headache. We have to put all of our forces in the fifth game to win this series!

Andrey Vedishev, Lokomotiv Kuban president:

– We were two different teams during the first and second halves. We made tactical mistakes, which were enough for this fail to happen and emotionally the team was not prepared for this game as for the vital one. I didn't see the team being prepared to fight no matter what. Perhaps the players were sure that someone will give us something and forgot that they're in playoffs. We were a lot more aggressive during the second half, more concentrated, but couldn't win the points that Khimki scored during the second ten minutes back. I did not believe that this will be a five-game series. I don't see how Khimki are better than we are. It's more about our problems rather than Khimki's advantage as of a good team. And we have three days to solve these problems.
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