Loko levels the score with Khimki 22  may  2015

PBC Lokomotiv-Kuban
VTB United League Playoffs Game 2 Lokomotiv Kuban wins Khimki away — 83:76. Leading +18 during the third quarter Loko allowed the opponent to level the score a the end, but three-pointer by Brown 40 seconds to the final buzz served the game. The third game will be in Krasnodar on May 25 at 20:00.
Sergey Bazarevich, Lokomotiv Kuban head coach:

– This was probably a real playoff! We should pay tribute to Khimki, they lost a player, were way behind, and they kept on fighting and showed their character. This makes it even more pleasing that we were loosing for a while, concentrated, and then dragged this game out and stole the home advantage.

Krunoslav Simon, Lokomotiv Kuban guard:

– We've achieved what we came here for — won away game. It will be a lot easier to play at home after this. It was really tough today: we could gain good advantage at the beginning, but Khimki is too good of a team to give up. The comeback that they made was a real challenge for us, but this is exactly what makes you strong in playoffs, and I'm glad that we won this game. We had great support from our fans today — and we are very grateful for that! I can only imagine what they'll do at our home games!

Andrey Vedishev, Lokomotiv Kuban president:

– Today the key factors were our team's mood and Randolph's comeback — this gave us extra strength, rotation and psychological advantage. After the first game we knew that we're close to victory though the initiative was in Khimki's hands, but we couldn't do it at the end. Today everything was the opposite — we had advantage, and nothing was promising such a stressful endgame. But this is exactly why everyone loves this game so much, last minutes can change everything. We dragged ourselves into this kind of end, but we showed our character, club's spirit and won a very important away game. Now home advantage is ours, and we'll be trying hard at home. We're expecting soldout in baskethall, and maximum support from our fans. I promise every single fan that will attend the home game with Khimki will not regret it.

Rimas Kurtinaitis, Khimki head coach:

— I want to congratulate Sergey Bazarevich and his team: they played a great game and deserved this victory. I don't want to talk about our problems, but everyone saw that it was hard for us to play with one center. So far we've lost Paul Davis and James Augustin — main fifths. Yet, I'm glad how we reached the the opponent, but trying to win 18 points lost a lot of energy, playing as the result a sloppy end. Lokomotiv was luckier especially with the Brown's game winning three-pointer 37 seconds to the final buzz. This mislead us a little bit, and we rushed our response. This result makes series even more interesting. Right now the most important is return Paul, I'd also like to get more support from the bench, I've got questions to ask Claver and Sheleketo. We'll be preparing and fighting.
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