Loko looses to Khimki in semifinals Game 1 20  may  2015

PBC Lokomotiv-Kuban
VTB United League Semifinals Game 1, Lokomotiv Kuban looses to Khimki — 75:76. The last possession made the game — 20 seconds to the end Malcolm Delaney had a chance to make his winning shot, but he lost the ball. Delaney's 22 points made him the best scorer for the game. Game 2 is on May 22 at 20:00.
Sergey Bazarevich, Lokomotiv Kuban head coach:

– Congratulations to Khimki. This game was a fight, perhaps not always a clever one, but I guess it was interesting to watch. We were loosing the ball too much, lost four more possessions than we normally do. Perhaps, this was due to the long pause. Yet we did have a chance to win at the end, which we, however, did not use loosing the ball twice. We were fighting and most of what we planned worked. We'll be preparing for the next game.

Andrey Vedishev, Lokomotiv Kuban president:

– It's hard to say what exactly we were lacking today. Perhaps, rotation. Our main players got tired and were so of floating around. Of course, we needed Antony Randolph and probably some luck. At the end we accidentally lost two times, especially during the last offence when we had the grip on the game. We lost our chance to win Game 1, but we've got series ahead. I'm sure Game 2 will be as tough as today's.

Rimas Kurtinaitis, Khimki head coach:

– We expected the game to be a hard one, and it was so. The match was very intense, though we were not always fully concentrated. We seemed to be controlling the game, but then lost all of our control two minutes to the of the game. First of all, I'm glad we won. It's good we got lucky at the end. We won't be able to prepare something special for the next game, simply because we don't have enough time. Everything we couldn't do technically today we'll have to try to accomplish next time. I think we only used 60% of our abilities.
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