Khimkians going on a tour to the USA11 may 2011

Russian Youth team (U-18) including three BC Khimki players as well (Denis Levshin, Maxim Sakharov and Denis Orlenko), takes part in a basketball tour of U.S. cities. The first place to the dislocation of young athletes was Hampton.

The city hosted the tournament Hoop Group Jam Fest with the participation of 48 teams — squads of schools from various U.S. states. All games were held in a sports complex with eight basketball courts.

It is noteworthy that matches were attended by colleges and universities coaches, viewing players who may eventually receive an invitation to study at the university free of charge and play for it.

Applicants for the medals were divided into 16 groups. The Russians won the first place at the first stage and, according to the regulations, directly entered the TOP 16 (the so-called in the United States "golden grid"), where the playoff games start.

Moreover, the Russians have not experienced any serious resistance up to the final. In the decisive match they were beaten by a difference of one point.

Group stage:

Russia — Crusader Nation (Maryland) 66-48
Russia — Virginia Venom (Virginia) 73-59

1/8 final:

Russia – Garner Road Elite (North Carolina) 80-74


Russia – Self Carolina Elite (North Carolina) 73-55
Levshin – 11 points


Russia – Fairfax Stars (Virginia) 68-55
Levshin – 7 points


Russia — East Coast Fusion-Lemcke (Virginia) 58-59
Sakharov – 11 points

Oleg Rezvy, Khimki-DUBL coach:

— For all the guys the participation in such a tournament is a great experience. Especially on the threshold of the upcoming European Championship in summer. Perhaps one of the guys will also play at the World Championship for boys born in 1992.

Each of our players can take an initiative and determine the outcome of the match. In the United States the Khimkians made a significant contribution to the team success. They each have their strengths. Levshin good runs into the gap and fights for the rebound. He is the leader of our team, the DUBL MVP title holder. Sakharov has a good three-point shot, and he plays well in defense. Orlenko is a center with his own trumps — rebounds and blocks.

I should also mention that at the training camp on May 18 this team will be joined by three other Khimkians — Zakharov, Afanasiev and Karpenko.