Masterclass from Timofey Mozgov22 may 2011

Photographer: Eugene Solodov

On Saturday, May 21 Timofey Mozgov hold masterclass for young basketball players and students from Khimki schools, gave hundreds of autographs and presented souvenirs to everyone who came to meet him.

To his masterclass Timofey Mozgov invited young alumni from BC Khimki, college of Olympic reserve, city's SDYSSHOR and pupils from secondary schools. As a result, there were about 50 players at the court and more than 200 spectators at the stands.

Timofey divided the participants into two age groups and for each separately came up with exercises. BC Khimki basketball players born in 1993 and 1994 were lucky most of all: with them Timofey personally "butted" under the hoop. However, not long — Mozgov's injury, suffered by him on the eve of the playoffs, still makes itself felt.

After an hour of training the boys, girls, and all the spectators went to the foyer of the Basketball Center, where different souvenirs — posters, pens, calendars with a picture of Timofey and special (in the style of the NBA) cards for autographs — were pre-cooked for them.

A huge queue of autograph hunters lined up in front of the yellow-blue favourite. None of the request was unrealized. Moreover, the boys brought balls, jerseys and photos with them. Of course, there was no lack of willing to impress themselves on a mobile phone in the company with a Denver Nuggets center.

In the NBA autograph sessions also draw increased attention to the fans, but such a huge interest here, in Russia, I honestly did not expect, — said Timofey, leaving a final flourish. — With some difficulty, but I coped with this challenge. Seriously, it is nice that I'm still remembered in Khimki, and judging by today, loved. It was very pleasant to see familiar faces. Although the support of Khimki fans, I feel even in the USA.