Russian Championship. Semifinals. After the first game UNICS is an advance16 may 2007

Yesterday evening the series of semifinals games started off in Basket-hall in Kazan. BC Khimki met with UNICS. In stubborn struggle Moscow Region brigade yielded 72-86 (20-26, 12-13, 23-23, 17-24). Away team rebounded well, but the play in defense gave rise to unfavorable criticism from the coach staff. The second match will pass on 17 of May in Kazan.

Top scorers: McCarty (21), Lampe (11), Dyachok (10), Fridzon (9).

BC Khimki has won in Kazan only once since 2000. That’s why the handbook man
gave preference to UNICS. Guests didn’t pay attention to inauspicious forecast. Khimki’s players started the first round of face offs with a usual starting line up: Booker, Fridzon, McCarty, Veremeenko, and Lampe.

The score is opened by the UNICS. In reply, Fridzon had two 3-pointers to his credit. Lampe rebounded 5 times for the 5 minutes. But his partners failed to score points and relinquished the lead to Khimki — 18-13. The substitutions didn’t reinforce Khimki. The percent of goal of UNICS is impressed.

The opponent’s advantage grew to a 12-point lead. Khimki players emboldened and started to play more offensive at the defense. And they went to the long break, setting their hopes on the second half of the match.

In the third period the struggle was stubborn. Khimki battled awfully, especially at guard. Yellow blue made a lot of throws. But without results. Khimki was unable to win this game.

On the last minutes, Kemzura decided to give the opportunity to show the worth to the players of reserve.