Russian Championship. The first step on the road to bronze26 may 2007

BC Khimki defeated Dynamo Moscow for the first time in Moscow Region Basketball Center. It was the deserved win of yellow-blue in first round of series for the bronze medals — 103-82 (27-19, 22-21, 31-22, 23-20).
Next game, 27th of May at Khimki.

Top Scorers: Lampe (21), McCarty (18), Fridzon (14), Veremeenko (14), Pozzecco (6+12 rebounds).

Khimki hasn’t defeated Dynamo at home since February 2005. Yesterday Moscow team was confronted with difficulties: Domani and Monya are injured. Khimki started the match with the stating line, differed from usual: Booker, Fridzon, McCarty, Veremeenko, and Wolkowyski.

McCarty opened the scoring. The best-looking ball was knocked by Veremeenko. Later Vladimir scored three-pointer to his credit. At first minutes attack prevailed over the defense.
McCarty rebounded three times, and then throwed 3-point shot — 27-18. The second period Khimki started with two playmakers and Booker grew to more 10-points lead. Khvostov scored at the buzzer, but Khimki leaded with confidence — 49-40.

At the beginning of third period Papadopoulos received a foul, but Wolkowyski didn’t score from a three throw. Dynamo closed the gap to 6 points. This lead has been on the board until Fridzon changed it by the beyond-the-arc shot.

Lampe got on the basketball court successfully. And Savkov built a comfortable lead: 18 points up. The winner was informed. The head coach Dusan Ivkovich understood it well. Regular players got benched. Khimki got past the 100 points after the score of Krasnikov. Fans rise in applause.

Kestutis Kemzura, the BC Khimki head coach:

— Both teams got off to a solid start. But then we started to play with verve and we succeeded. We had all the play. And we didn’t allow Dynamo to overcome a point deficit. Now we prepare for the next game.