Russian Championship. Semifinals. Star wars. Episode III20 may 2007

In third match in semifinals BC Khimki had the better of the first period and later on cut the power. But at the last minutes of match yellow blue were stronger and scored a workmanlike victory — 89-80 (33-22, 13-17, 20-25, 23-16).
Next game, 21 May at the Basketball Centre at Khimki.

Top Scorers: McCarty (21), Lampe (14), Wolkowyski (13), Veremeenko (12), Fridzon (12).

BC Khimki started the third round of face off with the same starting line up: Booker, Savkov, McCarty, Veremeenko and Lampe. The score is opened by Lampe after the foul of McCallow (first six Khimki s points Macej Lampe had to his credit). UNICS started the game with two play-makers. On the line of offense were outlined two confrontations. The first is Belarusian: Veremeenko – Mescheryakov. The second is Baltic: Lampe and D. Lavrinovich.
When the score was 19-13 the head coach called a minute, while Kemzura got into the game Fridzon and Wolkowyski. Vitaly organized a breakthrough right now. The offense of our team with the play-maker Pozzecco was impetuous. But he received the third foul and was relegated to the bench. McCarty played brilliantly, he had a slam dunk, three-pointer on his credit.

The both teams started to play more prudently in the defense. In fourth period Savkov scored two points, but during two minutes teams scored only in twos points. The 4-6 points advantages hadn’t guarantee Khimki the success in match.

With 4.43 minutes on the clock the score was 77-76. Booker was injured and his partners got an angry with it. Wolkowyski and Pozzecco scored three-pointers and grew to a 10-point lead. Khimki won deservedly.