Russian Championship. Semifinals. Effect of home-field advantage17 may 2007

Two halves of match in Kazan were absolutely different. Before long break BC Khimki imposed the game on an opponent, but after the relaxation yellow — blue squandered a lead plus there was some glaring judge’s error — 78-81 (20-13, 25-17, 17-31, 16-20).
Next game, 20 May at the Basketball Centre at Khimki.

Top Scorers: Veremeenko (14), McCarty (12+10 rebounds), Lampe (12).

Khimki’s players started the second round of face offs in Kazan with a starting line up that differed from that of the first round: Booker, Savkov, McCarty, Veremeenko, and Lampe.
At the beginning of the match, six attacks of both teams were ineffectual. Savkov with the beyond-the-arc shot earned first points. Khimki carried the game — 10-2.

Sireika had to call a time-out and made substitutions. Kemzura for his turn got into the game Fridzon and Dyachok. Lampe scored 8 points from a three throw, and Khimki was 8-points ahead. The rebounds advantage of yellow-blue was overpowering -15:3. Because of that, Moscow Region players could make fast attack. Wolkowyski after the rebound took the lead — 28-17. On the last minute, Dyachok had a three-point, and the advantage of BC Khimki grew to a 14-point lead.

In the second half of match UNICS gained initiative and closed the gap to 6 points. Lampe sustained an injury, which allowed Kazan great players to attack more beyond-the-arc. McCallow cut the disadvantage: 55-57. With 1:16 left on the clock in third period UNICS leveled the score. Just thank to the Dyachok throw, BC Khimki went to the break, taking the lead.

At the beginning of fourth period UNICS grew to a 6-point lead and yellow-blue missed some three-pointers.

Chikalkin received a foot pass (!) scored a three-pointer. At the ending UNICS was lucky — 81-78. Our team has time to draw conclusions. We are waiting for the games in Moscow Region.