Unusual rest-day18 october 2011

On Monday at his rest-day BC Khimki center Timofey Mozgov in the context of Khimki traditional program "From little to great" hold a masterclass in Rostov-on-Don for local children and participated in the Youth Basketball Tournament opening solemn ceremony.

— I am glad that with our busy schedule of games and workouts, I managed to have time and visited Rostov-on-Don. BC Ataman administration made a request: they called me and said that they held a children's tournament, and the young athletes would be happy to see Timofey Mozgov. Well, how could I refuse? My club Khimki supported this idea. The only thing that was not an easy one is to agree all the organizational matters. After all, we do not always know in advance when the team will have a rest-day. It's great that everything turned to be okay. We played basketball together, took pictures, then I autographed. I got a lot of positive emotions. The guys too. I would like to thank the organizers for the invitation,Timofey said.

Further details about masterclass Timofey promised to tell in his private blog Brainstorm.