Second round of Russian Cup28 october 2013

Second elimination round of XIIIth Russian Cup will be held in Basketball Center of Moscow Region from October 29 to 31, 2013. BC Khimki Youth team along with Dynamo Stavropol, Parma (Perm Kray) and Ryazan will take part in it (group D1). Entrance is free!

Second elimination round (teams from SuperLeague, High League and VTB United Youth League)

Group D1: Dynamo Stavropol, Parma (Perm Kray), Ryazan, BC Khimki-2 Moscow Region


October 29, 2013

14.00 msk Parma — Khimki-2
16.00 msk Dynamo Stavropol — Ryazan

October 30, 2013

14.00 msk Dynamo Stavropol — Parma
16.00 msk Khimki-2 — Ryazan

October 31, 2013

14.00 msk Ryazan — Parma
16.00 msk Khimki-2 — Dynamo Stavropol

BC Khimki Youth team roster

7Alexey Prygunkov27.08.1995184G
23Ivan Rusetsky25.09.1993198G
45Maxim Sakharov25.06.1993190G
13Roman Afanasyev02.02.1993193F
31Maxim Chislov26.01.1993198G
25Nikolay Rogozhkin21.12.1993222C
21Denis Orlenko12.06.1993216C
14Alexander Zakharov12.06.1993201F
22Denis Levshin07.12.1993202F
42Pavel Dushenkov29.08.1993206C
50Vladislav Norkin04.03.1994202F
9Andrey Bychkov10.07.1993188G
11Stanislav Ilnitsky24.02.1994200F

1. Ramunas Cvirka – head coach
2. Oleg Rezvy – assistant coach
3. Dmitry Kolchanov – doctor-masseur
4. Alexey Elevich – team manager

The second round of Russian Cup will be held from October 29 to 31, 2013. 24 teams will be divided into 6 groups with 4 teams in each one (teams from SuperLeague, High League and winners of the first stage). Winners of groups along with two best teams who will score second places will advance to 1/16 according to the draw.