Anthony Gill: Ready to compete in the EuroLeague14 july 2017

BC Khimki novice Anthony Gill speaks upon coming to our club, analyses last season in Turkey and shares his expectations about making debut in the Turkish Airlines EuroLeague.

Welcome to BC Khimki, Anthony. How do you like signing with our club?
“I’m really excited about it. It’s a great club that will play in the EuroLeague. I’ve heard great things about the club; I’m really excited to get there and take my efforts. I think coming to Khimki was the best way for me. EuroLeague aspect really sold me and playing at the best competition level is really awesome. Also it’s an honor to be a part of such a great organization like Khimki”.

What do you expect from playing for BC Khimki?
“I expect just to give the all I can. I go there to play as hard as I can. Hopefully, we’ll win many games. We have to do our best, continuing progress and just do what we do”.

You came to BC Khimki form Turkish side Yesilgiresun Belediye. How did you like that experience?
“It was fun. It was the different experience for me but first time playing overseas. It was good because I had my wife there. We got to really grow together. This year we will be expecting a child so I’ll bring in my wife and my child to Russia. That will be great. We’ll acquire new experience together”.

As you said, last year you decided to move to Turkey. Was it tough for you to go overseas and change the living conditions?
“No, I think it was an adjustment period, for sure. However, I think it was okay for me. I got to experience new culture and new way of life”.

What do you know about VTB League and Russia where you will play?
“I know that VTB is a great league. Khimki is a great team; they have great organization and I’m really excited to get involved into there. As well as to understand the way of life of Russian people, trying to get a better view of how they live”.

You’ll make a debut in the EuroLeague. Ready to compete there? What are your goals for the upcoming season?
“Yep, I think I’m really ready to compete in the EuroLeague. I always want to be on the best and highest competition that is EuroLeague. So, I’m really excited about there. My expectations… I don’t know what will happen. I can say that I’ll just go there and play as hard as I can, do whatever coach wants from me and skip off my own”.

Good. Some thoughts about working with coach Bartzokas?
“I know, but not much about him by now. But, I’m excited to be there and help the team, to understand what he wants from me”.

You have a reputation of being a solid rebounder. Ready to help BC Khimki with this component as last season we had some troubles under the hoop?
“Yes, I think I’m always ready just to do what I have to do. I mean, to rebound and play defense at a high level, that’s what I do. I’m excited to bring that to the organization and to the EuroLeague. Also, I’m excited to match the competition level trying to do my best on the court”.

Now you are playing in the NBA Summer League. What does this experience will give you?
“It’s been a fun experience. This is my first time playing the Summer League and I really have good time. The competition is really good and I enjoy playing every game here”.