Preview: Khimki Moscow Region vs. Tsmoki-Minsk23 november 2019

Photographer: VTB United League

On Sunday, November 24, 2019 Khimki Moscow Region will face Tsmoki-Minsk in a VTB United League regular season game. It will be played in Basketball Center of Moscow Region. Tip-off at 15:00 msk. Don't miss!


Founded in 2006
Team colors: navy and white
Honors: Belarus Premier League (2009-2019), Belarus Cup (2009-2019)
Arena: Minsk Arena (capacity – 15000), Falcon Club Arena (capacity — 3200)
Head coach: Rostislav Vergun
General Manager: Yury Shakola
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Where to watch

LIVE: Match! Strana (14:55, replay at 23:10),
Text online: VTB United League website


Vladimir Veremeenko played for Khimki Moscow Region from 2006 to 2008 and helped our team win Russian Cup-2008.


Rimas Kurtinaitis, Khimki Moscow Region head coach:

“At the moment, all teams in the VTB League, as well as second-tier EuroLeague clubs are playing with double energy and desire. There may not be big names in their rosters, but it is through desire that they always fight. If you show complacency and underestimate the opponent, there can be problems. We have to respect any opponent and play at full strength. If we are not get together with Tsmoki, there will be problems. This is a dangerous and fast team that has no wins yet, however, all the games they lost in the endings with a small margin, so one day their efforts can lead to victory. We assessed our situation, we have a lot of games, the players are tired, but at the same time we have a bench and players who spend less time on the court. It is in such games that they must prove themselves and help us not only in the EuroLeague, coming off the bench, but also in the VTB League. I think against Tsmoki-Minsk we will give more time to those who played less in previous games”.