Khimki Moscow Region again beat Parma Perm15 september 2020

Photographer: Evgeny Solodov

Khimki Moscow Region beat Parma Perm in a preseason game, held in Khimki.

September 15, 2020

Khimki Moscow Region — Parma Perm — 73-69 (26-16, 12-14, 21-20, 14-19)

Evgeny Voronov, Khimki Moscow Region guard:
“The game was intense. We still need to play together and build team communication. I hope that the injured players will return soon, and we will practice with a full squad, develop certain connections and improve our chemistry. I came back from a minor injury. I hope that with every training session and every game I will improve my condition and soon reach the peak of my form to help the team win”.