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Club news 64

21 january 2019Khimki Moscow Region, Georgios Bartzokas part ways19 january 2019Khimki Moscow Region vs. Tsmoki-Minsk Belarus: now we play at home16 january 2019Olympiacos Piraeus vs. Khimki Moscow Region: another top opponent13 january 2019CSKA Moscow vs. Khimki Moscow Region: winter classic 9 january 2019Anadolu Efes Istanbul vs. Khimki Moscow Region: Turkish week is continuing 7 january 2019Khimki Moscow Region vs. Fenerbahce BEKO Istanbul: battle with the leader 2 january 2019Herbalife Gran Canaria vs. Khimki Moscow Region: from winter to summer26 december 2018Khimki Moscow Region vs. KIROLBET Baskonia Vitoria-Gasteiz: let's finish this year with a win23 december 2018Khimki Moscow Region vs. Zenit St Petersburg: it will be a fight20 december 2018Khimki Moscow Region vs. Darussafaka Tekfen Istanbul: in 48 hours18 december 2018Maccabi FOX Tel Aviv vs. Khimki Moscow Region: double week starts in Tel Aviv15 december 2018Khimki Moscow Region vs. Nizhny Novgorod: let's continue the streak12 december 2018CSKA Moscow vs. Khimki Moscow Region: One Team Week 8 december 2018Stelmet Zielona Gora vs. Khimki Moscow Region: next stop is Poland 5 december 2018FC Bayern Munich vs. Khimki Moscow Region: double travel starts in Germany29 november 2018Khimki Moscow Region vs. Panathinaikos OPAP Athens: unite and win22 november 2018Zalgiris Kaunas vs. BC Khimki: battle for the initiative20 november 2018BC Khimki vs. Buducnost VOLI Podgorica: for the first time ever17 november 2018BC Khimki vs. Avtodor Saratov: Sergey Monya on the way to the record14 november 2018Real Madrid vs. BC Khimki: to Spain without Shved11 november 2018BC Khimki vs. VEF: to consolidate the leadership 8 november 2018BC Khimki vs. FC Barcelona Lassa: top game ahead 1 november 2018BC Khimki vs. Herbalife Gran Canaria: now in the EuroLeague27 october 2018BC Khimki vs. UNICS Kazan: big game for leadership21 october 2018Parma vs. BC Khimki: to Perm without leaders18 october 2018BC Khimki vs. Anadolu Efes: time to win13 october 2018BC Khimki vs. Kalev: without any rest11 october 2018BC Khimki vs. Olympiacos: the time of the titans19 september 2018Georgios Bartzokas: Situation with FIBA windows creates for us a lot of problems 9 june 2018CSKA vs. BC Khimki: The Last Step 7 june 2018UNICS Kazan vs. BC Khimki: the culmination of the season25 may 2018Georgios Bartzokas: We have to prepare the team mentally22 may 2018Lokomotiv-Kuban vs. BC Khimki: best time of the year11 may 2018Enisey vs. BC Khimki: last game of regular season 8 may 2018BC Khimki vs. Lokomotiv-Kuban: battle of top teams 4 may 2018Avtodor vs. BC Khimki: speed and tempo24 april 2018BC Khimki vs. CSKA Moscow: with hustle and passion16 april 2018CSKA Moscow vs. BC Khimki: EuroLeague playoffs, Russian version 4 april 2018FC Barcelona Lassa vs. BC Khimki: We need it more28 december 2017BC Khimki vs. FC Barcelona Lassa: grand basketball25 december 2017BC Khimki vs. Enisey: Prenew basketball21 december 2017CSKA vs. BC Khimki: now in the EuroLeague19 december 2017BC Khimki vs. Anadolu Efes: Ataman and his army13 december 2017Unicaja Malaga vs. BC Khimki: first meeting 9 december 2017BC Khimki vs. Nizhny Novgorod: energy-intensive basketball 6 december 2017AX Armani Exchange Olimpia Milan vs. BC Khimki: go and win 2 december 2017UNICS vs. BC Khimki: to Kazan without Markovic29 november 2017BC Khimki vs. Brose Bamberg: battle for the initiative23 november 2017Fenerbahce Dogus Istanbul vs. BC Khimki: visiting the champ18 november 2017BC Khimki vs. Zenit: a special relationship15 november 2017BC Khimki vs. Maccabi FOX Tel Aviv: Yellow-blue battle13 november 2017Panathinaikos Superfoods vs. BC Khimki: hot atmosphere at Greek arena 9 november 2017BC Khimki vs. Baskonia: unpredictable Basques 5 november 2017BC Khimki vs. CSKA: major game of Russian basketball 1 november 2017Real Madrid vs. BC Khimki: to defeat undefeated29 october 2017BC Khimki vs. Astana: up-tempo game25 october 2017Olympiacos Piraeus vs. BC Khimki: battle at the top23 october 2017BC Khimki vs. Crvena Zvezda, or special day for Jenkins19 october 2017BC Khimki vs. Zalgiris, or Anderson vs. Jankunas15 october 2017Parma vs. BC Khimki: hot basketball on ice arena12 october 2017BC Khimki vs. Valencia Basket: old traditions in new format 8 october 2017VEF - BC Khimki: First away game of the season23 september 2017BC Khimki adds Thomas Robinson to roster30 june 2017Official statement: Bartzokas, BC Khimki new coach

Matches 56

28 may 2018BC Khimki vs. Lokomotiv-Kuban — 86-7319 april 2018CSKA vs. BC Khimki — 89-84 5 april 2018Barcelona vs. BC Khimki — 86-82 1 april 2018BC Khimki vs. Kalev — 96-8529 march 2018BC Khimki vs. Fenerbahce — 64-7326 march 2018BC Khimki vs. UNICS — 80-8323 march 2018BC Khimki vs. CSKA — 73-9021 march 2018Anadolu Efes vs. BC Khimki — 73-8515 march 2018Maccabi Tel Aviv vs. BC Khimki — 91-9411 march 2018Astana vs.BC Khimki — 84-79 8 march 2018BC Khimki vs. Milan — 77-86 4 march 2018Nizhny Novgorod vs. BC Khimki — 79-82 1 march 2018Baskonia vs. BC Khimki — 87-7723 february 2018BC Khimki vs. Panathinaikos — 78-6115 february 2018Zenit vs. BC Khimki — 80-9812 february 2018BC Khimki vs. VEF — 73-77 9 february 2018Zalgiris vs. BC Khimki — 74-84 5 february 2018CSKA vs. BC Khimki — 90-71 2 february 2018BC Khimki vs. Unicaja — 68-6629 january 2018BC Khimki vs. Avtodor — 88-7526 january 2018Valencia vs. BC Khimki — 85-8321 january 2018Lokomotiv-Kuban vs. BC Khimki — 93-7818 january 2018BC Khimki vs. Olympiacos — 82-5416 january 2018Crvena Zvezda vs. BC Khimki — 70-7912 january 2018BC Khimki vs. Real Madrid — 78-95 7 january 2018Kalev vs. BC Khimki — 92-84 5 january 2018Brose Bamberg vs. BC Khimki — 70-7429 december 2017BC Khimki vs. Barcelona - 65-7926 december 2017BC Khimki vs. Enisey - 92-6222 december 2017CSKA vs. BC Khimki - 79-6820 december 2017BC Khimki vs. Anadolu Efes - 86-6814 december 2017Unicaja vs. BC Khimki - 93-8410 december 2017BC Khimki vs. Nizhny Novgorod - 90-87 OT 7 december 2017EA7 Milano vs. BC Khimki - 71-77 3 december 2017UNICS vs. BC Khimki - 80-7930 november 2017BC Khimki vs. Brose Bamberg - 82-7324 november 2017Fenebahce vs. BC Khimki - 71-6719 november 2017BC Khimki vs. Zenit - 66-7616 november 2017BC Khimki vs. Maccabi Tel Aviv - 69-7714 november 2017Panathinaikos vs. BC Khimki - 93-6510 november 2017BC Khimki vs. Baskonia - 91-90 6 november 2017BC Khimki vs. CSKA - 81-96 2 november 2017Real Madrid vs. BC Khimki - 80-8628 september 2017Gomelsky Cup. CSKA vs. BC Khimki - 77-8427 september 2017Gomelsky Cup. BC Khimki vs. Panathinaikos - 73-7024 september 2017Zadar Tournament. Zadar vs. BC Khimki - 58-7223 september 2017Zadar Tournament. BC Khimki vs. Fenerbahce - 65-7621 september 2017Zadar Tournament. Brose Bamberg vs. BC Khimki - 75-77 OT30 october 2017BC Khimki vs. Astana - 72-7126 october 2017Olympiacos vs. BC Khimki - 92-7524 october 2017BC Khimki vs. Crvena Zvezda - 85-7820 october 2017BC Khimki vs. Zalgiris - 85-7716 october 2017Parma vs. BC Khimki - 69-10613 october 2017BC Khimki vs. Valencia - 75-70 9 october 2017VEF vs. BC Khimki - 64-104 5 october 2017BC Khimki vs. Tsmoki-Minsk - 83-55
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